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Reasons to Own

Asthma Facts - If you have had more than about 3 repeats of the same inhaler, the chances are that you will be keeping one for the foreseeable future.   Inhalers have been the most widely prescribed asthma medication for over 30 years.

Inhaler Design - Most people agree that the design of the asthma inhaler has remained with basic functionality and poor aesthetic appearance for it's life to date. This is because the prescription system in most countries is based on providing inhalers at the lowest possible cost.

Improved Hygiene - When inhalers are carried in bags and pockets, it is common for dust and other debris to become lodged in the gap between the canister and it's housing.
The answer is of course to regularly clean the inhaler, however, we think it is easier and better to keep it in a clean case and prevent any debris from entering your inhaler.

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